Crew Administration

Recruitment : 360° supports owners and their Captains with recruitment, reference and certification checking of short & long term crew needs. We ensure that the crew candidate is appropriate – with conducting regular background checks -for the position holding all necessary licensing and medical certificates. Looking for crew?  Talk to Crew360° Training & Certification Advise… More Crew Administration

Technical Support & Service

Our experienced team will coordinate and supervise routine maintenance and refit work onboard yachts aiming minimizing of cost & downtime, absolute quality, equipment and craftsmanship. Conduct Classification & Flag Surveys Maintenance Support; Schedule Routine Maintenance & Repair Programs Refit Management Emergency Response

Emergency Response

One phone call to our management will result in appropriate resources being directed to whatever emergency is taking place. We will assist with all communications as necessary and will also coordinate the necessary activities of Flag State, Classification Society and Insurance. Insurance Medical Assistance Towing

Cost Control

Maintaining and operating a yacht represents a considerable expense for any Owner. 360° Yacht Management working closely with Captain and Crew, can help control expenses, ensuring that optimal pricing is obtained in the procurement of goods and services. Taking the accounting and book keeping load to our management will allow the Captain and crew to… More Cost Control

Onshore Service Support

Bunkering Berth Reservations Provisioning Assistance Itinerary Planning Yacht Clearance & Formalities Worldwide Sourcing Parts & Spares Guest & Crew Transportation & Travel Arrangements Interior & Flower Arrangements Tours, Excursions & Event Planning 24/7 Concierge Services