Where to See Lycian Rock Tombs in Turkey?

Lycian Tombs

Many people think of Ottomans as dominating Turkish history, yet the Mediterranean is awash with traces of the Lycian Empire, that existed pre 2nd century. As well as sarcophagi, Lycian rock tombs draw in huge crowds with a mythological, grandeur appearance.

By far, the best example is six large rock tombs overlooking the Cayi River of Dalyan. Belonging to the ancient city of Kaunos, many people mistake them for temples, but they were a resting place for prominent and high standing members of Lycian society. In Fethiye town centre, a small collection of tombs overlooks the coastline, and the spacious and majestic Amyntas tomb garners all the fame.

However, Myra holds the most significant collection and is also home to the largest Lycian amphitheatre. While you are there, also visit humble Demre, the ancient home of Santa Claus. Our tours and excursions take your guests to any of these destinations and many more.

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