The World’s Oldest Temple Reopens to Visitors


Gobeklitepe, in southeast Turkey, intrigues historians, and fuels alien conspiracy theories. The ancient site, sitting on the UNESCO Tentative list, is the oldest manmade structure in the world. First discovered in 1996, experts say it challenges everything we know about human development throughout history.

Depictions of wild animals carved in t-shape pillars indicate it was a sanctuary, and archaeologists are continually uncovering artefacts and tools from surrounding fields. In 2016, Gobeklitepe closed to the public so authorities could build a protective roof over the site of ongoing excavations.

To the celebration of many Turkey fans and historians around the world, it has now re-opened. If any of your guests are interested in history, this site will most certainly delight them, and we can arrange overnight trips from any destination in Turkey. Find out more here.

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