Blue Card Regulation

blue card resim

All yachts, commercial and private, of all sizes, must comply with the Blue Card scheme in the Mugla area (that is from Bodrum to Fethiye). There is no lower limit in size or capacity given. Discharge of waste water is forbidden in this area. Waste water is defined as; black water, bilge water, ballast water, and sludge.

All yachts will have to purchase a Blue Card which records yacht details (name, capacity of tanks,etc.) the date and volume pumped out and present it when pumping out. Turkish Coast Guard frequently patrols the area checking the blue cards and records.

Your 360° Yachting Turkey Agent will help you obtaining the Blue Card for your yacht and will give a briefing on up-to-date pump out stations and boats. We also offer privileged pump out boats to come alongside your yacht while you are on anchor by appointment without the necessity of moving the yacht to pump out stations depending on the coordinate of the yacht.

Upon inspection of a foreign flagged boat, authorities will only ask to see the Blue Card, and will check to see legal waste disposal has been made. If the boat has been sailing for a period of time and there is no discharge recorded, there will be a penalty charged. Only Black Tanks are required for smaller yachts but the grey water must be put into the black tank, and hence pumped out.

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