Dalyan is located between the well-known districts of Marmaris and Fethiye on the Southwest coast of Turkey.

Above the river’s sheer cliffs are the weathered facades of Lycian tombs cut from rock, circa 400 BC. The ruins of the ancient trading city of Kaunos are a short boat trip across the river.

Due to the environmental protection yacht tenders are not allowed inside the River and the boat trips can be arranged either in public groups or in Private with licensed tour guides in multi language options.

Iztuzu beach is also located in Dalyan which is well known for the Caretta caretta turtle an endangered species that has existed for about 45 million years. The beach is closed between 20.00 and 8:00 hours during the period that the turtles lay their eggs and hatchlings go out to sea.

Dalyan’s mud baths have always been popular and some say that Cleopatra herself would make the occasional trip to the region just to visit these baths. The baths have been a magnet for the rich and famous down the years and in more recent times, celebrities.

If you are planning to visit Dalyan river don’t miss the river safari to experience a mud bath, gaze around Lycian Tombs and taste the unique steamed blue crabs of Dalyan.

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