Season of romance welcomed with all colors of nature

As the best season to see how nature bids farewell to old ones and sows the seeds of new comings, fall has arrived in Turkey. Its mesmerizing destinations also give you a chance to witness its brilliant colors.

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It is now the best time to discover all the different tones of nature with fall knocking at the door. Cloudy, rainy and chilly weather draws such an amazing picture on the earth during fall, allowing Mother Nature to show all of her hidden beauty to everyone.

Many Turkish destinations are specifically renowned for their fall beauty, offering color tones that you have never seen before with the falling leaves and soil newly renewed by the rain. In that mesmerizing scene that simulates both romance and joy hidden in our souls, all you have to do is grab your camera and take a walk in the natural spots across the country.

Do yourselves a favour this fall, even for a couple of days: Leave everything behind and head to a fall destination to see how nature is reborn from its ashes, and get inspired to hold on to life despite all the sadness it brings from time-to-time.

Abant Yedigöller


Located in the Northwest, Abant Yedigöller, meaning seven lakes, is one of the most renowned getaway spots for those who live in Istanbul and those who reside in the capital, Ankara. Abant, which includes Yedigöller National Park, is like heaven on earth with its beech, oak, mahogany, alder, elm and fir trees, which embrace the surface. You can find numerous hotels and camping sites in Abant, to discover how summer’s evergreen nature embraces the colors of fall. Abant, offering pure tranquility to its visitors, makes you feel as though nature comes from a pastoral masterpiece by a painter. During your stay in Abant, you can try various activities such as photography, painting, hiking, angling and lake fishing.

Sapanca Lake


Sapanca offers various shades of evergreen, in close proximity to Istanbul, clean air and high-quality hotels offering spa and massage facilities for those who are tired of the daily rush. Known as a nice weekend getaway, Sapanca’s lake is used as a beach during the summer and a nice spot to relax with cafes near the lake in the fall and spring.



Ağva, also known as Yeşilçay, is a tranquil getaway offering different beauty in the changing seasons and is mostly preferred by young couples. Situated on the delta of the Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers, Ağva offers every shade of green year-round, as well as an exotic atmosphere on the rivers. Ağva has long been a summer holiday destination for Istanbulites, but there are currently many tourists discovering this little town throughout the year from neighboring cities.



The best work of Mother Nature and a slice of heaven, Cappadocia stands in the middle of Turkey as if proving what nature is able to do. Cappadocia in central Anatolia is a great way to witness Anatolian history. Cappadocia can be described as a paradise, with its volcanic landscape offering gorgeous scenery, and slick rocks with lush green tracks, caves, tunnels and canyons waiting to be explored. Through wind and melting snow, the region has been carved out of volcanic rock over centuries and displays amazing colors and shapes unique to Cappadocia. Such as the fairy chimneys (also known as hoodoos). This magical region, with its historic remains standing as some of the most renowned ancient natural wonders, invites you to explore the heart of Anatolia. It is among one of the most visited destinations in Turkey and it will be packed with local and foreign tourist when you visit.



Mardin is located in southeastern Turkey, which is about an hour flight from Istanbul. The first aspect that will strike you when you arrive, or even when you look at the photos, is Mardin’s architecture. The beautiful mosaics will make you realize how dull stone structure can be turned into art through human ability and imagination. The city’s art and architectural that is reflected on its religious structures speaks to how diverse ethnic groups, such as Turks, Kurds, Yazidis, Christians and Syrians, have lived together and created a harmonious environment, which is part of Mardin’s fascinating charm.

Fall is definitely the best season to visit Mardin since the region is generally too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. But, when fall arrives, the entire city looks golden like a yellow leaf and mesmerizes you with its historic style.

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