Souvenirs to take with you from Turkey

Evil Eye


The blue evil eye – “nazar” –is probably one of the most popular and bought objects in Turkey. It is believed that it wards off evil thoughts and evil presence. It is so common across the country that you will see it in every home, office and car. No visit to Turkey is complete without buying an evil eye before leaving. There are many different versions of the evil eye, including jewellery, ceramics and key rings.


carpetPhoto Courtesy of Travel and Escape

Carpets are one of the most expensive souvenirs in Turkey. Since they are handcrafted mainly by Turkish women in Anatolia, the price for a carpet is higher than any other product. Collectors from all over the world often visit Turkey to buy carpets for their high quality and unique artistry. So if you are looking for a rare gift to buy, a carpet may be a good option for you. You can find carpets in different sizes, including small mats and huge living room carpets/rugs.

Turkish Delight


This sweet snack that you will easily come by in Turkey is the most bought consumable souvenir. There are many different sizes and flavors of Turkish delight that you can choose from according to your preference. Turkish delight is a food that the Ottomans got from the Persians and it is still served in Turkey, especially with a Turkish coffee.



The main destination where you will find handcrafted copper is in Southeastern Turkey. Especially Gaziantep where there are many coppersmiths who produce copper utensils. If you intend to buy copper goods as a souvenir, a copper coffee pot may be a good choice, but you also should buy a package of Turkish coffee and a set of Turkish coffee cups.



After a couple of days in Turkey you will realize how popular spices are in the country. Bazaars such as the Egyptian Bazaar and Grand Bazaar are perfect locations for food lovers to smell and taste spices. There are many rare spices around the bazaar, so it is a good chance for you to try different tastes.